JSimLife is an advanced Biological Life simulation, written in Java. In JSimLife every life form is a cell. Every cell is a Sprite and it has a Brain Object (not yet implemented) and a Dna object. Every Cell's aspect are stored in a Dna (Dna is a Vector of parameters). Cells are able to riproduce itself using the methods provides by Dna class. I want to create several type of cells in order to riproduce a simple food chain. The simulation use the https://github.com/tabuto/j2dgf to show sprites on a JPanel in a Window Form. The user can change the Simulation Parameter, create new DNA, create new type of cells and save or load simulation. See ToDo wiki for future feature.

Getting Started

Download the latest version of JSimLife (you need the JRE_6) and run it. Create new Cell: ZLifes or Zredator, add seed and watch they evolution by clicking them and exploring Dna. You can now save and load your simulation!

How does it work

JSimLife is quite simple. Each Zlife (this is generic name of JSimLife life's form) pass through four state:

Those four states are selected by zlifes in function of its own life's parameter which are stored in a data structure simulating DNA mechanism. When reproduction occour, parameters are infact merged with second Zlife's DNA's parameters. Altough, parameter values are edited by a random value to a quantity defined in the DNAParam.

The ZlifeDna contains 17 genes (v.0.1.7), controlling Cell life parameter:


In the current JSimLife's version we have two Zlifes types: Zlife and Zretador. Let we see how they eat. Zlife Zlife eates those little green dots which we can add simply clicking the "add Seed" button on JSimLife's toolbar or which appears when a Zlife dies. When Zlife meets some food we have two possibilities: If Zlife is hungry, it eats some seed, if it isn't, it stores seed position waiting for the moment when it is hungry, then it moves to that point.


Zretadors instead are carnivores. They hunt Zlifes when they are hungry. Hunting mechanism are quite simple, when an hungry Zretador is a certain distance from Zlife, it follows trying to hit the Zlife in order to eats it. Not ever the Zretador kills Zlife couse when it "bites" subtract some Zlife's energy, so if Zlife had enough energy, it doesn't die.

ZETATRON: The smart one

Zetatron are the new creatures present in the next JSimLife version. Unlike other Zlifes, Zetatron decides their state using a Neural Network provides by neuroph library. The Neural Network is a Multi Layer Perceptron Net with 10 neurons (2 input, 5 in the hide layer and 3 on output). The 2 input parameters are the following Zlife's life parameters: energy/hungryEnergy, energyHornyEnergy. The net had trained to activate on output a single neuron in order to activate one from the following Zlife's state: Hungry, Horny, Bored. Into Neural Net all of this is avaible using a certain neurons connection weight, this weight are stored into Zlife's Dna like any other parameter. So, when Zetatron reproducts itself, they are passed to its sons. In this way, while simulation going on, we can observe how weight are edited by the riproduction process, consequences is we'll observe a chenge in ZLife's behavior. For this reasons I advise you keep DnaParam value fairly.


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